• Celebrity Tattoos

    These guys take no prisoners. They comment on celebrity tattoos and spare no punches. Brutal, just brutal!
  • Drunk Driving Caught on Tape

    When will people learn that drunk driving is reckless and dangerous? The crash at the end of this video is spectacular.
  • Elevator Goes Sideways

    This is a very interesting video about an elevator that not only goes up and down, but also sideways.
  • Africa Played in Various Styles

    This guy had nothing to do, so he took out his keyboard and played Toto's "Africa" using a bunch of different sounds.
  • A Girl Falls Off a Ride

    A 14-year old girl visited a Six Flags park and almost fell off a ride. Hopefully, other customers gathered to help her out of this unfortunate situation.
  • Scary Incident on Air Asia Flight

    An Air Asia flight lost a compressor blade from one of its engines and the whole plane started to shake... a lot! The pilot managed to turn back safely and luckily nobody was seriously injured.
  • Tornado in New Jersey

    A tornado stuck the state of New Jersey this weekend and these shoppers had front row seats to witness it all.
  • Dancing gorilla

    This gorilla is auditioning for a Flashdance sequel. He's got moves.
  • These things can kill you

    Poisons, venoms and chemical substances. What can kill you, but more importantly, what dose or quantity would be required to end someone's life.