A Rosey Outlook: Order in the courtship

Sometimes when I go to write these blogs, I have no idea where to begin. Our life has settled into the lovely 'nothing to see here' of being comfortable in a new place, and new jobs, and so it feels as though there really isn't anything to talk about. 

Thankfully my husband-to-be always has ideas, and they usually involve him. ;) 

Today it is his 'domestication'

Tom ironed all his dress shirts for work today. He is QUITE proud of himself and, if I am being honest (and don't tell him I said this), I am proud of him too! So many times there are things that he is perfectly capable of doing that I just take over because either I decide I'll do it faster, or I wanted to be helpful ONE TIME and then it became a pattern.

But today he struggled and suffered through the frustration of ironing dress shirts.

And, let's be honest here: IRONING IS THE WORST CHORE. Everyone knows the HORROR of ironing one side of a shirt perfectly, and then turning it over to iron somewhere else, ONLY TO HAVE THE THING YOU JUST IRONED GET ALL WRINKLED AGAIN!!! I feel angry just THINKING about it. 

So, Tom wanted me to mention that to you, and if you see him, feel free to congratulate him on being a domestic god. 

But it got me thinking, we both have our 'duties' at home when it comes to keeping the place in order. We're not a tightly run ship over here, but we're a pretty good team when it comes to the housework. And, at the very least, we're equally sloppy so we are quite happy living in our own mess together. 

But when we DO take care of business at home:
I almost always do the laundry. I can think of three times in our nearly-five-years together that he has done the laundry on his own. 
He almost always cooks. He is much better at it. I've only recently learned how to do chicken without over cooking it. 
If we're cleaning, the kitchen and livingroom is his, and the bathrooms and bedroom are mine. I don't know HOW I inherited bathroom duty, I think it started in our early cohabiting days when he 'cleaned' the toilet and did a terrible job. But in retrospect, I am sure all the things he didn't want to do he just did a terrible job at them the first time to get out of ever having to do it again. 

And until today, I always ironed. But now that Tom is decidedly domestic, I NEVER HAVE TO IRON AGAIN!!!! 

That's how it works, right?