Amy's Adventure with 10,000 steps


There’s a new fitness challenge where people are trying to walk 10,000 steps which is roughly around 7.62 km. I thought I could do it until I realized it was over 7km. seriously, who has the time to walk 7km in a day?!

If you have an iPhone, there’s a health app on your phone that counts your steps. I just discovered it about 2 weeks ago and some days I barely walk 2 km. To be fair, I don’t carry my phone with me all the time but even if I did, it still wouldn’t be 10.000 steps.


Yesterday, I dropped my car off for an oil change on Kempt Road. We took a shuttle to Quinpool and then decided to walk back to the dealership. I was thinking, great, I’ll get my steps in for sure today. Quinpool to Kempt Road. It was a 40 minute walk and only 3.1 KM. ONLY 3.1 KM!!!!!! Almost an hour later and I barely did half my steps for the day and trust me, it was a long walk.


So how and who is doing these 10,000 steps. What’s your trick? How do you do it? It seems impossible! Yoga and weight training, I can do! That much walking is a no go for me!!!