Amy's Adventures: Amy VS the Winter Power Bill

Yesterday marked 3 years in our house we bought. Buying a house is expensive and one of the biggest bills for us is the power bill in the winter. The first year we got a bill around $900 for 2 months. Last year we got one for $1600.


It’s ridiculous and we don’t even have the heat on in every room so we decided to try something new. In our lower level we have a big living room, a bathroom and a bedroom. There’s also a pellet stove so what we did is moved downstairs for the winter. We bought tons of wood pellets , brought my favourite chair from the living room upstairs down an most of our clothes.

Besides the upstairs bathroom (which has the bath tub ) We turned all the heat off.

We set up our Christmas Tree and it’s so cozy down there. If I get a power bill more than $500 this February, I’m gonna be pissed lol


Here’s hoping this works.