Amy's Adventures with Aladdin

Out of all the Disney movies Aladdin has always been my jam (this works on 2 levels if you’ve seen the movie) It’s my favourite one. I know every word by heart!

I’m loving all these remakes and I think they’re doing such a good job! People were wondering how Will Smith would do as the Genie and let me tell you, he nailed it! He made it his own and wow is all I can say!

They brought it to life and it was truly magical!

My only 2 complaints and don’t worry, they’re not spoilers.

  1. I wish they brought Iago more to life. I know Gilbert Gottfried has gotten into some trouble in the past but he would of made it that much better.
  2. This is for all Disney movies. Why do they keep adding new songs to the soundtrack. Yes, I was that weird 30 something year old in the theatre siging along to the songs except for the 2 new ones. I didn’t come to hear new songs, I came to sing the classics and have no time for new songs!
  3. Jafar wasn’t mean enough and he was way too handsome to play him lol
  4. I was hoping they would put a little tiny tribute of Robin Williams in there somewhere. Just a little tiny something but they didn’t and that’s ok.

Honestly, if you get a chance to see it in 3D, go check it out and no, it’s not too scary for kids at all! They didn’t go dark!


All in all they did a wonderful job and it’s so fun to relive your childhood