Amy's Adventures with Blue Blocking Glasses


I’ve never needed glasses, my vision was always 20/20. Well, that may have changed with my age but for now I’m still doing ok.

My problem with my eyes was staring at screens and driving at night. I would have headaches all the time and those would sometimes turn into migraines.

My friend told me about blue blocking glasses and they have saved my life. I stare at 4 computers a day and the tension headaches that was causing were real!

Blue light in screens creates a glare that can reduce visual contrast, and affect the sharpness and clarity of your eyesight. Additionally, it can cause eye strain, blurred vision and headaches.

The glasses block out the harsh light and reduce eye strain! They’re amazing for driving at night too, especially with those harsh blue lights that feel like high beams blinding you.

You can find them anywhere and I highly recommend them. They’ve been a game changer for me, plus, the look cute