Amy's Adventures with home

Don’t get me wrong. Halifax is my home. My whole life is here because I want it to be here. I love it! The clean air, beaches, lakes, just the vibe and the people. I’m probably going to live here forever. I was born and raised in Montreal and went home last week and there’s just something so special about being in your original hometown. It’s a different kind of feeling. In Halifax, I have the love of my life, a house, a career and great friends.  In Montreal, I have all my family and friends I’ve grown up with. As soon as I land, I feel a sense of home and comfort.

Sometimes I feel like I’m being pulled in 2 directions. I don’t want to lose my Montreal ways but I also want to feel like a true Haligonian. Basically you don’t want to lose yourself but you want to be accepted in your new home as well.

This trip I realized how lucky I am to have 2 places to call home. Yes, some things may change but I will always be a Montrealer at heart (especially my driving ways) but I’ve also embraced the ways of the Maritimes too and that’s kind of cool!

I wish it was cheaper to travel across Canada so it would be more affordable to get home but all in all, I think I make it work!