Amy's Adventures With Intermittent Fasting

Some people are addicted to alcohol or smoking, for me it’s food. I’m like a goldfish, I’ll keep eating till I’m belly up. I love food, especially bread! True story… I use to sleep with a loaf of bread in my nightstand and regularly wake up through the night, take a piece, roll it in a ball, eat it and go back to sleep. Long story short I would eat a loaf of bread a night.

Since losing 40 pounds 6 years ago, I don’t do this anymore but I would if I knew I wouldn’t gain weight. I work 3 nights a week and when I would get home at 11, I would eat supper and then go to bed. It was hard on my digestive system and I had really bad sleeps so I knew I had to change my eating schedule. I decided I wouldn’t eat anything after 8 which forced me to bring my supper to work and gave my system time to digest.

Then I discovered intermittent fasting. There’s different ways to do this but I chose to follow the 16/8 which means I can only eat 8 hours a day (which is plenty of time)  We’re so use to snacking all the time , we sometimes don’t notice how much food we’re actually eating.

With this, I don’t eat breakfast until noon and my last meal or snack is around 7:30-8. I still have coffee and water in the morning. I’ve been doing this for 3 weeks and have lost 5 pounds. It is hard at first. You feel hungry even though I’m getting enough calories. After the 3rd day, it didn’t even bother me anymore.

I feel like my stomach shrunk and I get full on meals that usually left me a little hungry. It’s a nice feeling. My digestive system works a lot better (if you know what I mean) and I’m way less bloated than I used to be

Don’t get me wrong, I still allow myself 1 or 2 cheat days to stalk up on bread

I like trying to discipline myself and I feel like this has been a great challenge. Some people fast 2 times a week for 24 hours. I don’t think I could do that one, but this seems to be working for me!