Amy's Adventures with Missing clothes from the dryer


The dryer must be some sort of magical portal. It’s the only way to explain missing clothes. For months I’ve been searching for my favourite black bra. It’s gone. Disappeared in thin air. Gone with several socks that have lost their partner. Seriously…  where do these clothes go?

Recently, my friend asked me if this black sweater she found in her dryer was my husband’s. It wasn’t. It’s not her husband’s either. Literally, she pulled a mysterious sweater out from the dryer that they don’t know who  it belongs to. Out of the dryer. Not hanging out in a closet, in a recent load of laundry.

HOW?! How are we losing clothes and finding clothes that don’t belong to anyone in the house hold


Is there some sort of dryer conspiracy we don’t know about?


Has this ever happened to you? Wherever you are favourite black bra, I hope you found a good home and are enjoying your time with your new family and your new pair of boobs to hold up!