Amy's Adventures with Secret Shopping


I think in any long term relationship it’s normal to have harmless, little white lies. Mainly, what we do with our extra money.

Yesterday, my partner and I were talking about our finances and how we have to be a little stricter with our money. 45 minutes later I found myself at Winners holding a sweater I absolutely loved. Did I buy it, yes. Did I tell him..No. Unless he’s reading this now… OOPS LOL. My secret  sweater.


He does the same thing but with fast food. Every time I get in his car , there’s always some sort of brown fast food bag crumpled up in the back.

The thing is, I don’t care if he eats fast food once in a while and I’m sure he wouldn’t care if I bought a $18 sweater… ok it was 2 sweaters… so why do we keeps these little details to ourselves?

Is it a thrill or do we just feel we don’t have to justify ourselves?


What’s your little secret white lie?