Amy's Adventures With Vitamin D

It feels like 100 years since the sun has been out! Seriously, it’s been so cloudy and cold my trees haven’t bloomed yet.

After all those cold, dark, rainy days a lot of people I’ve talked to, including myself are kind of in a funk. Humans are like plants, we need sunlight too!

Even though the sun is finally out, you still may feel bleh and want to stay inside and do nothing but you should force yourself to go outside.

Let’s boost that Vitamin D! Here’s some simple ways to pull you out of that seasonal depression (even though it’s June)

  1. Sit outside in the sun for a bit! That is key. Let the sunlight take over your body and warm you up
  2. Go for a walk. We’ve been stuck inside for so long your body is now used to it. Move around and go for a walk in the sun.
  3. Foods to eat to help boost your vitamin D; seafood and fish (lucky for us, there’s tons of it here) and mushrooms!
  4. Force yourself to be social. You’ve been hiding. Call a friend and go out and catch up. Humans need social encounters so introverts, force yourself!
  5. Believe it or not, shopping actually does boost your mood. There’s something that makes us happy about treating yourself so go buy yourself a little something that will make you smile.
  6. DANCE! Put your favourite songs on and have a concert. Dancing for just 10 minutes can reduce depression. Dance like no one is watching!

So have a cup of coffee, a dance concert then call your friend go for a walk and maybe do some shopping. It’s curbside giveaway, Greek Fest and the bluenose marathon this weekend. There’s tons to see and do so go enjoy it and the sun cause Lord knows how long it will be sunny for