#ARoseyOutlook: A Virtual Reali-TEA party wedding shower!

Living away from home has been the norm for me for the last 11 years. In 2006, I moved away the DAY I finished my last exam in University, and hopped on a plane to Alberta for the first professional show I was cast in. Since then, time I have moved 15 times and lived in 5 different provinces, so I've grown accustomed to the difficulty of being away from family during events, holidays, and occasions. 

This weekend was my wedding shower, which was held in Ontario - but I am in Halifax, and was unable to take the time off work to go home for it.

HOWEVER, for the first time in a long time, the distance didn't mean that I missed out on the family fun. We bridged the 2000 kms by using SKYPE!! 

I had a virtual wedding shower!! 

Here's how it worked: 

Our family and friends used our bridal registry online and had the gifts shipped to our house. I resisted the urge to unwrap ANYTHING ahead of time (but, if I am going to be COMPLETELY honest, I DID look at my registry and had an idea of what had been bought and what had not). This is what it looked like in my apartment before the shower... 

And this is what it looked like AFTER:

The event itself was a lot of fun! Our guests came up one-on-one (or in small groups) to talk to me on skype, and they watched me open their gift. It may have actually been better than a 'normal' wedding shower in some ways BECAUSE it meant that I was able to have that personal face-to-face with people that you don't always get when it is a big and busy crowd. 

There was also a large screen that projected the video from skype, so the group could also see what I was opening while I was doing it. 

It's me, so you know I cried several times throughout the 2 hour wedding shower...What got me the most (and still gets my choked up when I think about it) was at the end when my mother, father, brothers, sisters-in-law, and niece and nephew came on the screen to see me open their gifts. I miss them so much, and seeing them all there at the same time, and knowing how much work they went to to make that day happen...it was very emotional... I am a very lucky girl. 

I couldn't have asked for a better day. And this took me from being nervous about our wedding day to feeling pumped, ecstatic, and just SO READY to continue to celebrating with all these people I love so much!!! 

By the way...the biggest evidence that I WASN'T at the wedding shower was that NO ONE cut into this beautiful cake. What a sin, right?! 

2 months until the wedding day!!