#ARoseyOutlook: Adventures in Registering

Registering was the thing I was most excited for!!
Well...Next to marrying someone I love, blah blah blah...OF COURSE! ;) 
I thought it would be like when you were a kid and you went through the "Wish Book" to make your list for santa!! And, in some ways, it WAS. But as a kid I LOVED shopping. As an adult, I HATE IT.

And, as it turns out, registering is just shopping.

Hours and hours of shopping. 

And not ANY kind of shopping...you need to shop for FUTURE you.
Maybe YOU wont use that multi-purpose punch-bowl-cake-platter-dip-dish thing NOW, but FUTURE you might!
Maybe YOU only have two chairs at your dining table now, but FUTURE you may host elegant dinner parties for 12! 

Registering is ACTUALLY an exercise in, "where do we see ourselves in 5-10 years time?" And THAT. IS. STRESSFUL. 

Not because we HAVEN'T thought about life 5 or 10 years from now, but because we're really only just starting to get the whole 'adulting' thing down. So adulting to the level that you can assess what your full-on adult self will look like...That's meta-adultability. (Yes, this whole process has frazzled my brain enough that I am making up words). 

After two sessions - or 4 hours - with the WONDERFUL Darren at Bed, Bath and Beyond, we managed to register for around 120 gifts. 
We also managed to do the whole thing without arguing, crying, or terminating our relationship. Apparently that is actually a huge success!!

The only casuality of the whole process was a poor mug, which was SUPPOSED to demonstrate it's resilience and unbreakableness, but failed miserably. 

I'd love to say "and thus we conclude our adventures in registering," but we actually have a lot more to do. 

I just need a break. Cause this bride-to-be is shopped out.