#ARoseyOutlook: Adventures in running and driving

I began my training with Team Myles to run the 10k at the Blue Nose Marathon and I am happy to tell you that I am now a runner!!


But I am trying.

Yesterday was our first group run, and the run was great, but the whole ordeal was so eventful I am just thankful I made it out alive. 

I drove our standard car BY MYSELF for the first time. A disclaimer: I actually DO know how to drive a standard now. And I’ve been driving, with my husband in the passenger seat, every weekend since early January. The next step is to brave the streets of Halifax by myself, but I have been waiting to do it until it is a route I am comfortable with, at a time with little to no traffic. WELL, taking Robie street the entire way to Point Pleasant (which is where our run was located) on a Sunday morning seemed like the ideal time. Hills are the only thing I struggle with now, and the only SMALL hill I could think of occurs right around the Atlantica, and it would ONLY be an issue for me if I get that red light. 

Well, I got that red light. And it WAS an issue. I stalled. I panicked. I waved the cars behind me to go on, as I sorted my life out while crying and hyperventilating a bit. Then I finally got the car to slowly crawl forward up that damn hill, and I could move on. I stalled once more on the way there, I forget where, but I more or less made it with my sanity intact. And hey, the first time was bound to be scary.

We did the run. It was 10 rounds of 1 minute running, 1 minute walking. As soon as we were done, I experienced a MAJOR Runner’s high and felt like I could conqour the world. I told myself, "Melody, you were able to drive there on your own without any MAJOR issues, going back will feel even better!"

WRONG. Wrong. So, so, SO wrong. 

While the route TO Point Pleasant seems mostly level… turns out the route FROM Point Pleasant is LITTERED WITH HILLS. Little ones. You don’t actually REALISE you’re going up a hill in an automatic car because they are so subtle. BUT when you have a standard car, that rolls backwards, and needs the most PRECISE BALANCE of clutch/brake/and gas to go up anything with an incline… THEN YOU REALISE that in Halifax, even the friggin FLAT STREETS are actually HILLS

So…my drive home was a little more eventful than the drive there. I think my tweet says it all:

I ALMOST called my husband for a second time to tell him that I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT MAKE IT HOME and he needed to cab or walk to where I was and take over.  In fact, I had gone as far as pulling over, put my parking break on, getting out my phone to call him…and then I took some deep breaths, and decided that, even if it took me an hour, I was doing this.

And I continued on… and somehow, from that point on, every hill I seemed to be able to handle a little bit better. My balance was right. I wasn’t rolling back…OH MY GOD, I WAS DOING IT!!

I made it back to our apartment. I parked the car. I cried a little bit more (tears of relief, mostly).

And then I looked down and realized that I had driven with my parking break on. So, I’m not sure if THAT’s why I was handling those hills a lot better, but even as a rookie I know that driving with your parking break on is NOT GOOD. 


And thus concludes PART 1 of my journey to run the 10k at the Blue Nose Marathon.