#ARoseyOutlook: Just a couple Come From Aways

I know I have not given any wedding updates for a couple weeks but, to be honest, I haven't done ANY wedding planning!!! 
Life has been consumed by Halifax - getting familiar with the new job, the new apartment, and the new city!

And, I have to say, WE LOVE IT HERE!!

And while we consider ourselves Haligonians, our CFA classification is glaringly apparent to us - ESPECIALLY in social situations. 

I am not ashamed of being an introvert by nature - I talk about feeling socially awkward ALL THE TIME - and at 33 years of age I have come to accept that part of myself.


It seems like it's just part of the culture: you grow up being welcoming, inviting everyone out - even people you don't know - and extending yourself to every person around you. It's like everyone here just feels so comfortable with themselves that they are completely at ease with everyone around them. 
I love being on the receiving end of that hospitality, but try as I might I feel like I'll NEVER be able to give it the way a true born and raised Maritimer does. It's just in you!! And I can't help but feel amazed at how EASILY it comes to people who are from here (while I tend to need some 'social lubricant' first).
There are a few other times where our CFA classification really shows: 

Scallops. I've learned the MARITIME way to say it, but I slip every now and then. 

Names and places. It happens a lot that someone is taking about a well-known area and I have to pretend as though I know what they mean... today it was "Magazine Hill." Don't worry, I googled it after our conversation.

The Rankin Family. Listen, I LOVE The Rankin Family, but I don't know all the words to "Mull River Shuffle" and MAN DO I FEEL LEFT OUT when that song comes on - which tends to happen at every house party I go to. 

So... we're CFA's, and it shows.
But my heart belongs to Halifax, and we plan to be here for the long haul so eventually that CFA status will be a thing of the past. <3