#ARoseyOutlook: Just a little 3 month freakout

3 months and counting...down

I've started having 'wedding nightmares'. You may have head them: The big day comes and you realise you forgot something pretty major, or minor, but there is NOTHING you can do about it. Like, "woops, we forgot to do a seating arrangement" or, "woops, I don't have any shoes on." 

And no matter how big or small you wake up quite stressed out.

And is it weird that my fiance isn't remotely nervous, or impacted by this monumental decision we're about to make? Don't get me wrong, I'm glad he's not having second thoughts or anything, but he seems to be completely nonplussed. So, does that mean ON THAT DAY all those feelings will come flooding in for him and he'll freak right out? 

And why are decisions so difficult?!?! I spent more than an hour shopping for shoes yesterday (which is an hour longer than I prefer to EVER shop for ANYTHING) and it was just too difficult. Decisions. So many decisions!! And decisions about things I don't even care about but now someone is telling me I need to care about it. This was honestly originally supposed to be a simple thing. We had a few things that mattered to us (amazing food, a live band, and I wanted a vintage feel), but the things that mattered to us set everything else in motion to becoming bigger and bigger and bigger. 

Honestly, I am so SO excited about this day, and so SO thankful for all the help I am getting in planning it... but I am also so SO looking forward for it to come and go so that life can move on without this big, looming, pressure-filled EVENT tick-tocking closer and closer and closer. 

And all I REALLY want is to have the part that really actually matters from the whole thing, the part where I am married to my best friend. 

...I'm relatively sure that happens at some point during this massive party we're planning.