#ARoseyOutlook: Life BEYOND I do

Does life really change much after you get married?

I've often wondered this. It's 162 days (but who is counting?) until I am someone's 'wife' and I have a 'husband'... but will THAT life look any different than the day before the wedding, when we were just engaged? Or the years before when we were just dating and living together?

It doesn't seem like anything would be different, but all my married friends have indicated your relationship DOES change in these ways: 

The stakes are higher
You have another person to take into consideration for everything. I can't just decide, on a whim, to travel, or buy something, or quit a job, or make any drastic decision. And if I DO make a major decision, I am now affecting someone else in a major way. 

Everything is 'we' now 
I've already noticed this one, and the first time was when I was hired to the morning show for C100. It wasn't MY success, it was OUR success. It was OUR new life, and OUR new adventure. Tom had been with me through the process, and had witnessed all the hard work I put into growing as a broadcaster, and so it felt like HE had done all that work as well. This week, when we found out he had his first job interview here, I felt proud for him, but also proud for US because slowly we are making this exciting new life together. 

People treat you differently 
Hmmm...is this a thing? I guess that couples I knew DID seem different to me once they got married. They were suddenly GROWN-UPS somehow, even though they were the exact same nerds as they always were. 

Your fights are different 
Tom and I have never had a fight where we broke up, or considered ending things. But when you are dating, you know you CAN cut ties if you ever need to. And, of course, when you get married you still can end things, but you can't do it impulsively. You're bound by a lot more. 

So...is ANY of this even true? How did marriage change YOUR relationship?