#ARoseyOutlook: Life Hack

I need to tell as many people as I can about the amazing life hack I discovered last weekend. 

Have you ever got a ring STUCK on your finger? 

I can't wear my engagement ring with my wedding ring, they don't fit together. And I can't wear the rings on fingers BESIDE each other, because both my rings are antiques and I don't want them to rub against each other. AND the ring is too big for my ring finger on my RIGHT hand. But I really wanted to wear it out for a nice date with Tom - I'm not sure I've worn it since the wedding! 

SO, I put the ring on my right hand middle finger. I knew it was snug getting it on there when I did it, but it was nice to have it on a finger it didn't move around on, and it was nice to get to wear it out again. I didn't worry about "after", I just enjoyed "the now". 

The "after" came the next day. After a lovely meal out, I may have been retaining a bit of water, who knows. I slept on it, so perhaps the heat from sleeping caused some swelling as well. I was in the shower the following morning and put a little shampoo on my finger to try to slip the ring off and...nothing. Well, not NOTHING - there was definitely pain. That ring was not going ANYWHERE. 

I gave it some time, because I'd caused more swelling by even trying to get it off, and then tried it with oil.
I tried lube. 
I tried soap. 
I iced my hand.
I elevated my hand. 
I iced it again - for consecutive HOURS!!

NOTHING (but tears). 

And then almost 24 hours later I found a trick online, and I got my ring off using floss. 

And I was so confident in the floss technique that I was willing to put the ring on again - even though I know it would get stuck - just so I could show you how to do it. BUT the ring will literally not fit on that finger right now - I can't even put it on again, so THAT shows you just how stuck it would have been and the floss trick TOTALLY worked. 

So, since I can't demonstrate myself...here is the youtube video that saved me wrong having to get my ring cut off: 

Do you have any hacks that changed your life?