#ARoseyOutlook: Need Some Motivation PLEASE!!

Anyone that knows me knows I do like my strength training. Things like pull-ups were staples in my workout and I put in a lot of work to obtain sets (before our wedding, I was up to sets of 9).
I’m not a skinny-minnie. I’m not someone you would see walking down the street and know they work out. I think I am fairly average in that department and, as I have expressed in the past, I don’t have the BEST body image.

But even though I would LIKE to look a certain way, and despise how I feel in my own skin….

Motivation is a HUGE issue for me right now.  

It comes and goes. I have it on the weekend, or when I have a workout buddy with my husband. But at 11:30am when I am leaving work, after being up since 3am and having less than 6 hours of sleep…I JUST…CAN’T…GO.

I’ve set myself a few goals and I’ve been more or less sticking to them, I just wish my brain would switch into workout mode and I’d be the keener I have known myself to be!
Current goals
1) 4 weeks straight of working out 4x a week: Buy new workout clothes! (something that doesn't make me look like I'm wearing my big brother's raggedy hand-me-downs like I do now)
2) 10 pull-ups: Buy sweater dresses 
3) TBD actual goal: Buy over the knee boots

So...not the best, but they're all things I want and doesn't it seem fair to treat yo' self after doing something good??? 

So what are your BEST tips for motivation??? I need all the help I can get! ;)