#ARoseyOutlook: One of THOSE brides

So, it turns out I'm one of "THOSE" brides.. you know, the super picky kind. The kind that have an idea of what they want - a vision - and don't want to settle. 

This weekend I went to Fredericton to have my dress designed by the AMAZING Natalie Noble. We had first and second fitting on Saturday and Sunday, and I watched the dress be made basically before my eyes. All the elements I wanted were there, and I left feeling quite happy. 

But then I started to fret. Actually, the waist was lower than the pseudo-empire I had envisioned, and was the shape  a bit more 'fit and flare'  than the 'flowy' I'd had in mind? WHY DIDN'T I SAY ANY OF THIS WHEN I WAS THERE? Why was I only noticing it NOW that I was obsessing over the picture?!?! I spent the entire 4 hour drive home worrying and worrying...WHY didn't I notice the waistline when I was there? Is it too late? Am I the worst person ever if I message her and ask if we could raise the waist higher and effectively undo all the careful measurements and pinning she had done for the length of the dress - what if by the time she gets the email, she has already cut and sewn the lace for the bodice - that lace came from Toronto, it's not like there was plenty to spare. What if, what if, what if. I was so stressed I couldn't even talk to my fiance, I just couldn't stop thinking about the waist of that damn dress. 

I decided in the end to email her - and make it clear that if it WASN'T possible to make those changes, that was TOTALLY OKAY - but I felt SO guilty. 

I am now one of THOSE brides. The kind that NEED it to be EXACTLY like they imagined. 

But it's okay to be one of THOSE brides, right? You're throwing a pretty massive party, that (the intention is) you only throw once in your life, a lot of money and time is going into it, and in a lot of cases you have imagined it for a very long time. 

There are parts of this wedding I don't really care about planning or worrying about, but there are parts that I have a VERY specific idea and the dress was one of them. It's part of the reason I wanted to have it made, I couldn't FIND 'the dress' anywhere.

So...the email is out. And it may require hours of extra work (I really have no idea), if it can even be changed at all at this point. 

On a scale of 1 to bridezilla...where do I rank?