#ARoseyOutlook: Post-wedding depression is a' comin'

Right now, things feel amazing. 

Tom and I have been together for 5 years (as of this week!), long enough that we're long past the honeymoon phase. BUT  it's like Tom and I have been in a NEW honeymoon period for the last month or so, and everything feels "perfect." We're both excited about the wedding, and still in total disbelief that it is even happening so soon, and it's all so much fun, and whimsical, and magical, and loving and LOVELY! 

Does this all end once we get married? 

We wont have anything new to be excited about.
Our family and friends wont be excited FOR us. 
No one will care about how we are doing. 
We wont have this romantic grand THING to keep thinking about and talking about. 

Right now I feel about the wedding the way I tend to feel about Christmas: The best part is actually the anticipation. I feel even more so like this as an adult because Christmas is typically one of the two only times I see my family in the year. So you have this great time to be excited about, and plan what you're going to do (we're going to watch all the christmas movies while drinking wine!), and get everything you need (presents, outfits, tickets, oh my!), and you're just beside yourself with excitement doing all the Christmassy stuff like baking cookies, and watching movies, and listening to music, and checking off your calendar... until IT IS FINALLY HERE and you are on a plane, going home, and so excited because it's been way too long. 
But then you get there and everyone is so busy for all the stuff that needs to get done that there really isn't as much time for visiting as you'd like, and everyone is STRESSED because they've decided the world WILL end if xyz doesn't get done, and because it's so busy and stress-filled, it goes by in one big whirling blur and before you know if you're back on the plane and you have work the next day and just crappy East coast winter to look forward to. 

Will our wedding be just like Christmas (in a bad way) and we'll feel those awful post-Holiday blues once its all over? 

Sigh...I fear the only solution will be to get a puppy.