#ARoseyOutlook: Team work

I picked out a handful of invitation designs, and Tom picked his favourite (which was also my favourite, as it turned out). 

We tag-teamed the acquisition of mailing addresses, and then we tag-teamed the labeling and stuffing. 

Although it was NOT something we felt like doing, it was fun to do it as a team. 

We're not ALWAYS the best when it comes to teamwork, to be honest. If we did something like Amazing Race Canada, we would fail horribly in front of the entire country. We are both used to being in charge, and we are both determined that our way is the right way. 
One time we tried to do an Escape Room with another couple and it was a disaster. 

When it comes to dealing with stress, I can very emotional, and Tom gets very angry. And for each of us, our individual reactions (emotion/anger) tend to exacerbate the other's reaction. 
And we both need very different things when we are feeling that way. 
If I feel emotional, I really just need to have a good cry or outburst, deal with my emotions, and then I am good. 
However, Tom likes to try to talk things through with me and solve whatever is wrong. I NEVER need solving, so it is frustrating for both of us because he hates not being able to fix what is wrong, and I get annoyed that he can't just LISTEN without trying to fix it. (Sometimes you just want to be heard, not fixed). 
Whereas, when Tom is angry he genuinely DOES want someone to talk it through and fix it with him, and I want to steer clear and let him exhaust his anger first. 

All that being said, when I think of times we both struggled, we always got through it together. And if it resulted in a fight, I think we learned from it and we learned how to approach it differently together next time. 
Maybe that's part of making this whole 'spending your lives together' thing work? Maybe it's not about being automatically perfect in every situation, but learning HOW to work together...together. 

So... not always the best when it comes to teamwork. BUT we tackled the wedding invitations like CHAMPS!! :D 

76 days to go!!!!!