#ARoseyOutlook: Wedding planning procrastination

I'm getting married!! In LESS than six months!! 

The wedding is in Ontario...we JUST moved to Nova Scotia...my dress is being made in New Brunswick...and our guests are coming from England, France, USA, and all across Canada. 

We gave ourselves a long engagement to account for the long-distance-planning, BUT all that ended up meaning was that we put off even THINKING about it until, well...now. 

So...how do you plan a wedding that is in another province?
My mother has been my greatest asset throughout this process. Not only has she ENJOYED planning more than I ever could, she lives in the city the wedding will take place so it has just been more convenient to make her the main point of contact. 

We're trying to keep it simple, but every time I talk to my AMAZING MOTHER WHO I COULD NOT DO THIS WITHOUT, I hear of some new addition to our décor that she wants to add, so...not sure how our "keep it simple" rule is going. 

So far, we have figured this much out:

Dish/linen rental 
Band/DJ for reception
Music for ceremony
Wedding dress (having it made in New Brunswick)
Wedding party 
Guest list (and this continues to get bigger, which is terrifying)

But according to most wedding planning websites, we STILL need to take care of this:

Reserve a block of hotel rooms for out of town guests
Purchase invites
...and then mail out those invites
Send save the dates
Arrange transportation? 
Book a rehearsal dinner and venue
Select and order a cake 
Wedding shoes
Wedding dress fittings
Figure out hair and makeup (ugh, can I just NOT?)
finalize any menu changes due to allergies, dietary restrictions of guests, etc
Pick ceremony readings, decide on how we want the ceremony to go, etc
Get wedding ring sized
Pick band set list 
get marriage license 
Assign seating 
Purchase gifts for the wedding party
...plus a bunch of other little things that I wont even bother listing (like, do I really need to break in my shoes and get a spa treatment?) 

Holy cow...it's a lot...and the amount that I feel like doing all of that?


But it's less than 6 months away, so the planning must become a priority...

I'll get started on it right away...tomorrow.