Canada Day 2019 with #SummerTeam100: The Rundown

st 19 Pre-Canada Day

Hello everyone, it’s your Summer Team 100 here. As you may know, there’s a little holiday coming up tomorrow called Canada Day. We are bouncing off the walls excited, so we thought we would give you a little run-down of what’s on the go for tomorrow so that you can get in on the excitement with us! So, before we start, we just wanna mention that there are tons of things for you to go to, but we can’t do them all so we’ll also mention which events we will be in attendance at.



Starting off bright and early, there’s a yummy pancake breakfast on the go at 8 AM at Alderney Landing. That will go on for about an hour, wrapping up at 9 AM. Next up, we have the International Tattoo Canada Day Parade, which starts at 10 AM and finishes at 11 AM, and we will definitely be at this one, we hope to see you there too!! We’ll have our trusty Outback in the parade itself so look out for a big C100 Logo and a guy walking alongside with a Canada flag/cape (Keegan).

After the parade around 11:45 AM, we’re heading to the Halifax Common for the Skyhawks Parachute which we are both super pumped to see! That’ll finish off around 12:15, while official opening ceremonies will kick off at Citadel Hill at 12 PM sharp, lining up perfectly with the Noon-Cannon. Also starting at noon, the Tim Hortons Family Fun Fest which will be right at the Emera Oval, so if you’re planning on hitting Skyhawks as well as Fun Fest, you’ve got a conveniently short walk.


At 12:30 PM, we’re attending Fuse Festival, which is also at the Halifax Common, so yippie short walk for us!! We’re hanging there until about 5 PM, then we’ll be off to the big one; Alderney Landing for the Main Event and free concert. We should be arriving there at 6:30 PM, and we’ll be hanging out there for the rest of the night! We’ll be giving out Oasis juice all day long, and if you haven’t yet, be sure to sign up for our draw for your chance to win a $1500 shopping spree to Park Lane Mall.


We are pumped for tomorrow, and we hope you’re feeling the same way. See you tomorrow, Summer Team 100 signing off.