Don't Trust People Who Humblebrag

"Ugh, I had barely any time to do my makeup this morning" - says someone who's contour is definitely on fleek.

"I haven't gone to the gym in like 2 months" - says someone who could lift a bus to save a baby or solve any other crisis involving heavy lifting.

"Ugh, I shouldn't have bought these new Gucci loafers" - says someone who always wears new Gucci loafers

You get the point. Humblebragging is a terrible thing to do. It's like flexing your muscles while wearing a tight sweater but you complain the sweater makes you look fat. No. It. Does. Not.

Bragging is an okay thing to do, as long as it isn't passive aggressive. Own the fact your gains in the gym are showing. We want to be proud with you. Humblebragging is condescending, bragging normally is nice (in doses).

To help show you what not to do, I explained humblebragging On Air,






Oh, and in case you want to see Baby Sheeran: