Donair Adventures!

 Sometimes the fates align the way they should and sometimes you get to help make something happen for someone. You should never look away from those opportunities!


When I had a Phone call from Anne Leydon about her co-worker Kirsten Bell who had NEVER had a donair even though she grew up here in Halifax, we knew that this was an opportunity to make something happen!


King of Donair to the RESCUE

In a HUGE way, one call explaining what we needed to have happen and the plan was set into delicious motion. 

5 of your most popular Donairs please! 
5 Donairs with the Works coming up!
Why do they have to small so delicious!

My co-conspiritor Julian and I then headed to the VG, where we'd find Anne Leydon, Alicia Williams, Heather MacDonald Nicole O'Donnell and the woman of the hour Kirsten Bell.

When we found them they were all very hard at work, and all very happy to see that KOD pizza box walk through the door! 

For the full KOD experience we even grabbed the coveted King of Donair Crowns. 

The verdict By The Way, Kirsten can't wait for her next one!

Ladies it was a pleasure meeting you! 

Happy International Women's Day!