Greek Fest Weekend!

There are four things that keep us feulled up ad going throughout the day... Wilson's gas (literally), C100FM on the radio (duh), coffee (obviously), and food.

Emphasis on the food.

Greek Fest menu



Needless to say we are STOKED to be hanging out at Greek Fest this weekend. We've already tried the chicken pita and a delicious honey soaked desert (that we can't even pronnounce let alone spell). There's two days left and we've got a Food Bucket List filled with pita plates and tatziki, shawarmas, donairs, baklavas... someone may need to roll us into the Cruiser by tomorrow evening!



You'll be able to find us there the rest of the weekend! It's only $5 for a day pass, $8 for a weekend AND kids and seniors get in free. In between food we'll also be ballotting for our grand prize giveaway, a $5000 trip from CAA. Maybe you can use it to go to Greece and experience it all for real ;)

Greek fest kitchen staff

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