Happy Hali-Versary to me


I was just a young 26 year old lady living in Ottawa when I applied to be a co host on the Z103.5 morning show (remember that station lol)  I applied on February 22nd, got the job on the 23rd and moved my whole life in a week.

It’s crazy how fast time goes by. 8 years!!! In that time, I’ve moved around in the radio industry, made some life long friends, met the man of my dreams and bought a house in Chezzetcook. I live on a lake! It blows my mind! Halifax is my home!

Coming from Montreal, I remember being so dumfounded that there were so many clean lakes to swim in, I would constantly ask, you can swim in that one, that one too. I remember my 3rd day here and I asked a lady for directions and instead of giving them to me, she literally walked me there. That would never happen in a big city!

From the incredible people to the breath taking beaches, the food and the lifestyle, I fell in love with it all. Except the drivers, some of ya’ll are just terrible and I’ll probably never get used to it.

The views in Annapolis Valley, the apple picking in Wolfville, Carters Beach, Peggy’s Cove, Argyle street, Tareks lol everything here is magical.


You turned this little come from away girl into a Haligonian. I love it here! Thank you so much for bringing me in!!!