Happy International Women's Day

They say girls are catty, mean to each other and disrespect one another. I know this happens but I’ve been very lucky in my life to surround myself with positive women who don’t match this stereotype.

Growing up, I was an only child until I was 12 and my cousins were not only my best friends but my sisters too! We were always around each other and still are.

Then I was blessed with 2 sisters (2 brothers too but today isn’t about you guys) Watching them grow into incredible women has been inspiring.

I’ve been lucky to have the same girlfriends since I was 12. Not many people can say that. It’s great to know these women have had my back for over 20 years and I have theirs!

I’ve made other wonderful life friends along my journey. Strong, funny women who accept me for me.

.Some of the most incredible, talented women I’ve met has been in radio. Women who help each other, not tear each other down. We support, encourage and root for each other. Throughout it all we’ve made bonds and are each other’s cheerleader.

On to my great grandmother, grandmothers and of course my mother. I have been so blessed to grow up with these strong women who taught me values, love, how to cook and how to be the best me I can possibly be. I wouldn’t be who I am today without them!

If I forgot anyone I’m so sorry!!!!


Happy International Women’s Day!