HEY Internet Trolls, You need to go away now!!!!

Imagine this; your best friend’s ex just died of an overdose. He’s been struggling with addiction for a while. Would you look at her and say well, it’s your fault he’s dead, you killed him? Hopefully you wouldn’t, so why is it ok to say that to a complete stranger?

Yesterday, Mac Miller passed away. He was Ariana Grande’s ex and people have been trolling her and blaming her for his death. So much so, she disabled her Instagram.  Some of the comments included;

“Macs gone because of you”

“you did this”

“it’s your fault”

“It’s crazy because you really did kill him”

“this is your fault.”

“You did this to him, smh”


Who are these people behind keyboards who think it’s ok to write things like this? You don’t know her. Take away the fame and fortune and hair extensions; she’s a 25 year old girl who just lost someone who was in her life for over 2 years. Can you imagine what that does to someone, seeing those awful words over and over again?

Not to mention people who have the audacity to write things about Mac Miller’s drug use and say things like; oh he had it coming, he was a junkie. NO! Addiction and depression are illnesses! How dare you say something like that. Just because you don’t understand it doesn’t give you the right to attack someone.  It’s disgusting.

With school starting, cyber bullying is the biggest way kids are bullied these days. In Canada, 20% of kids 15 to 20 say they’ve been cyberbullied or cyberstalked. This survey was conducted in 2014 so those numbers are probably much higher.

Why do people think they can say whatever when they’re behind a keyboard. I bet these trolls wouldn’t have the guts to say it to someone’s face. It needs to stop! Your petty words still affect others.

Here are ways to not be a troll

If you don’t like someone on social media and see a pic of theirs, no need to comment, keep scrolling… or delete them (if you don’t like them why are you following them)

You don’t need to agree with everything you see but you don’t need to post that you don’t agree. Or worse, call them names because you don’t agree. Once again… just keep scrolling. #justkeepscrolling

Not every thought you have should be said out loud. Remember if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. That Simple!

It doesn’t make you cool or big to put someone else down and attack someone that you don’t even know. It actually makes you a small, narrow minded, unsophisticated bigot! No one probably listens to the words you say in person so you feel you need to attack them online to get your point across.


All this needs to stop. We need to be better to each other. Help each other and bring each other up instead of tearing each other down. Just try it! Only comment if you have something nice to say. Compliment someone. Do something better with your time!

More love, less hate <3