I Hate To Complain But... Blinker Madness

The morning commute from Dartmouth to Halifax can be….stressful.

To me the most frustrating & unpredictable part of the drive is after the McKay Bridge tolls headed to Halifax, all of those lanes merging into two, all of those people who HAVE to get there before you!

For as long as I can remember there has been a general understanding of how the merge works, one car then the next and then the next, until you’re down to two lanes. But you know what’s helpful as a driver dealing with all of those lanes, unpredictable drives, and transport trucks?

Indicator Lights!

You know the ones the ones that let other drivers know if you’re going left or right.

See here’s the MAGICAL part: if you have your “blinker” on and are trying to move to the right hand lane - suddenly other drives are aware of your intention, and can make accommodations for getting you to the right spot. Assuming it’s safe to do so. 

When you don’t have you indicator/blinker on, then other drives have to rely on ESP to make the drive safer for you and them, especially the sometimes daunting task of merging 7 lanes into 2. Now with 52,000 crossings by Haligonians in the run of a day on the McKay bridge it’s understandable if someone’s  ESP is slightly off and they don’t clearly get which lane it is that you’re bound for, which has potential to spark road rage and general hurt feeling….or fenders.

#IDon’tMeanToComplainBut Let all start using the indicators/blinkers on our cars. It’s going to make life SO MUCH EASIER.