I Hate To Complain But... DVR Troubles

Hi, I’m Mel, and currently I’m going through a let’s call it life transition. While I try to sell my house, I’m living with Mom again. (Which I am incredibly grateful for) However it does come with challenges, mostly because we are basically the same person, also because my Mom is a DVR space hog.

I don’t mean to to complain but………I don’t understand the need to record a movie on the Movie Channel. If it’s on the Movie channel, it’ll be OnDemand too, you can literally watch it ANY TIME YOU WANT. Mom however, insists on recording them. She has the entire Season 2 of Outlander recorded, and STILL hasn’t watched a single episode. Mom, Jamie and Claire need you, 13 episodes, you CAN get through it in a weekend, in a day if you truly dedicate yourself to it. I’ll even watch with you, and I promise NO SPOILERS.

Soap Operas Mom, whhhhhhyyyyyyy <3 <3 <3 <3

I understand recording The Voice, and Dancing with the Stars, totally get it.

BUT MOOOOM I need DVR time too. Blind Spot, Gotham, Lucifer, I have needs too!

She knew I was going to write this post, so she cleaned up the DVR. The woman is DEVIOUS.