I Hate To Complain But....Heavy Purse

I basically carry a suitcase as a purse, and I can NEVER find anything. It’s a surprise to me sometimes what I find, and a disappointment to me when I can’t find what I’m after. I am that person who holds up the line because the last time I used my debit card I just threw it in my bag instead of putting it back into my wallet like a grown up.

This is my bag……..it’s from a $5 bin at Wal-Mart, cute though right! It is unusual for it to weigh less than 5 pounds, as long as I can get it to snap I figure it isn’t overfull. Maybe subconsciously having it weigh so much is to remind myself if I leave it somewhere….like at a fast food counter (Subway)…..or the gym. 

Right now this is what I’m carrying with me everywhere I go. A remote…(WHY) a pair of Gardening gloves for spontaneous fall bulb planting. GUM I have SO MUCH GUM. So if you ever need a piece, I can hook you up. Ibuprofen, because headaches can strike at any time, unopened Bills…because if I don’t look at it I don’t have to pay it right? **KIDDING** (mostly)



#IHateToComplainBut why is it impossible for me to downsize to my pockets! Especially now that fall/winter is here and I have a coat with 7 pockets of varying size.