I Just Had A Thought: Daylight Savings

I Just Had A Thought: Daylight Savings

This weekend is a “love/hate” weekend. Daylight savings means we’re getting closer to Spring and gain an hour of sunlight, but it also means we lose an hour of sleep.

You might think that one hour doesn’t mean that much, but it can affect you more than you realize:

1.  There's an increase in heart attacks on Monday.  One study found that on Mondays after the time springs forward, hospitals see a 25% increase in heart attacks.


2.  There are more car crashes.  On average there's an 8% increase in traffic accidents in the days after we lose an hour of sleep.


 3.  You'll waste more time on the internet.  A study found that on the Monday after the shift to Daylight Saving Time, employees spent more time procrastinating and wasting time on the Internet at work.


 4.  Your stress levels may increase.  In a study, people's cortisol levels rose when the sunrise time was pushed back an hour.  On average, there was a 5% increase in stress levels.


My advice would be to get to sleep earlier tonight, take vitamin D and take a day to do as little as possible.