I Just Had A Thought: Early Days Of Social Media

For someone to stay in touch with a friend or family member, picking up the phone to make a call is probably the last way that they do it. Why bother when it's so simple to send a text, tweet or message them over Facebook?

Remember a time when that convenience was a little more limited? When internet was dial-up and/or charged by the minute? We still had our ways of keeping in touch via the internet that went beyond email. They were the early social media platforms such as MSN Messenger and ICQ.

I LOVED ICQ! You'd hear the classic "uh-oh" indicating that you have received a message with the little envelope image in the corner of your screen. 

Enjoy this sassy photo of me circa 2000, while being so hip and cool talking to my friends on ICQ.

What was your first introduction to social media? Was it one of the early messengers? Were you a chatroom user? Or maybe Facebook was where you started.

BTW, my ICQ number is 131548507…add me (JK I haven’t used ICQ in 15 years, but that number still exists)