I Just Had A Thought: How Often Do You Slack At Work?

I'd like to think that even the biggest workaholic takes a moment to do something non-work related while on the job. Besides, it's only human and I'm positive that we are all guilty of it.

A new survey found the average worker is "disengaged" 26% of the time.  So about a quarter of the average workday is spent slacking off . . . taking bathroom breaks . . . and doing things like browsing social media, with 1 in 5 people partially blaming their boss for it. 19% said they'd be more engaged at work if they had a better boss.

When people were asked what would make them slack off less, a better boss was the sixth most popular answer.

The top five answers were better perks . . . more challenging work . . . less red tape . . . a LIGHTER workload . . . and more work outings or team-building activities.