I Just Had A Thought: The Comfort Zone

A comfort zone is that personal space where we are familiar with everything and everyone. Straying outside of the comfort zone could involve trying something new and/or meeting new people.

I’ve lived inside of my comfort zone for a long time with a lot of “I’d really like to try *random activity*someday”, and then would never follow up.

One thing I’ve wanted to try was skydiving, but thought that I would never really bring myself to actually getting to do it. Whether it be nerves, or lack of opportunity, it didn’t seem doable.

A few years ago, I was presented with the opportunity to do it, and after telling my nerves to go home and nap, I went ahead with it.

Did I almost wet my pants? Yep. Did I love it? Absolutely.

"I think I've changed my miiiiiiiiiiiiind"

As nice as the comfort zone is, that was worth stepping outside of.

When did you last step outside of your comfort zone?