I Just Had A Thought: Weird New Dating Terms

The invention of new slang terms for something is nothing new. From "the bees knees" to "lit", there have been some interesting words thrown around. Slang terms for the dating world, however, seem to be just a completely different world. According to Plenty Of Fish, these are the new words that are being used as of late. BTW, "cricketing" doesn't seem like a term exclusively for people who are dating, because I do it a lot to everyone...guilty.

1.  Flexting.  That's bragging A LOT when you're messaging with someone before you meet them.  And men are more likely to do it . . . 63% of women say they've gotten those kinds of messages, versus just 38% of men.

2.  Cricketing.  That's when you go days without responding to a text.  It's happened to 67% of people.

3.  Ghostbusting.  This is when someone tries to ghost you, but you won't let them . . . and you just keep hammering them with messages until they finally respond.  38% of people say someone's ghostbusted them in the past.

4.  Serendipidating.  That's when you put off a date just to give yourself a little extra time to meet someone better.  One-third of people have done that.

5.  Fauxbae'ing.  That's when someone pretends to have a significant other on social media when they're single, usually to make their ex jealous.  19% of people have seen someone do it.