I’m not entirely sure that my ideas of “things to do when I’m not at work” are things I believe I’d be good at, or if I just REALLY like shopping for all of the supplies and organizing it. Then making a HUGE mess, and living around the mess for a while then reorganizing it. I believe there are two people who have a “Junk Journal” I’ve made for them. Since then I’ve started at least three other ones. One I was even working on for myself. I have no idea where the stuff is right now.


So I’ve recently decided that buying a Cricut (which I can’t REALLY afford) would be a way for me to get back at creating the journals, and give me the flexibility to dabble in a few other crafty endeavors at the same time. I’m not entirely sure though if my intention is to actually attempt the projects, or just have an excuse to go out and buy pretty paper and organize it according to colour, texture, and glitter.


The next issue I have with myself is that I’ll go hard, even obsessively take on a project then in two weeks, get frustrated that my skill level hasn’t progressed to the point where I feel it should be and walk away from it and never come back to it.


#IHateToComplainBut maybe my resolution for 2017 is to stay with something until the end of 2017 and feel a proper sense of completion that comes AFTER organizing the supplies I’ve convinced myself I need.