Instagram the WORST of all Social Media?

We know that Social Media is not real. We know that Photoshop and other photo editing apps exist. Filters, "Insta-Signifigant Others" are a thing, when your partner takes photo after photo of you until you find one that meets your standard. 


#NoFilter #NoMakeUp #WokeUpLikeThis 


I'm not sure how often I believe it. Some Fitness Models.....yes, EVEN fitness Models are editing their bodies in their Instagram Photos to look...thinner, have a rounder bum, increase their boob size. If you're following for goals to keep you motivated GOOD, but if the photos just make you feel bad reconsider. 


Of Course you want to present your BEST self to the world, but if your instagram feed..or any other Social Media Feed makes you feel bad about yourself, you might be following the wrong people. 


My Instagram feed used to be tattooed Male Models, but meh, (though I will ALWAYS follow David Gandy) In a couple of months my Instagram posts will return to photos post workout at 3rd Degree Fitness, I do that to keep myself accountable. I post photos of my dog Chop to brag about how cute he is, so if you follow me on Insta please like those, not the workout ones. Or my always amazing  #NoFilter #WokeUpLikeThis photos. I'm most proud of those. 


Does this hair mean I've had a good sleep or a bad one?

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