Is it time for seperate beds?

Last week the Hubby and I decided to go somewhere in Nova Scotia we’ve both never been. We decided on Digby, random yes but so happy we did. OMG it’s beautiful there and Annapolis Royal WOW! We stayed at Digby Pines which was insanely beautiful.

When booking our room, I chose the cheapest room (which, don’t most of us do?!) When we got there, turned out I booked a room with two twin beds. We were like, whatever we won’t be spending too much time in the room and we could always push the beds together.

Turned out to be the greatest thing ever. There’s really nothing great about sharing a bed. Blanket tugging, pillow stealing, elbows in the face, cold feet on you and in the summer another sweaty, hot body next to you. There’s nothing sexy about sharing a bed and after 7 years of sharing one, it was nice to have a break.

One night we ordered room service dessert, laid in our beds and watched HGTV and it truly was the greatest night ever. I could hear him kicking the blankets off his feet and my blankets stayed exactly where I like them.

Not ready to make the permanent step of twin beds but I gotta say, the next vacation I book may include 2 beds again!!!