TITLE:  Once

VENUE:  Neptune Theatre, Fountain Hall

DATES:  April 4 – May 28, 2017

SYNOPSIS:  Boy meets girl, boy and girl make beautiful music together, boy and girl’s relationship status is … “complicated”.

HIGHLIGHT:  The music.  I mean, the acting.  I mean, the performances.  I mean, the ensemble.  This is a show wrapped in a beautiful blanket of almost continuous music.  The theatre is bathed in a constant swirl of acoustic guitars, gentle piano, and a chorus of harmony vocals.  You’ll never feel more warm and comfortable as you nestle into your Neptune seat.

QUOTE:  “You’ve turned love around for me and you’ve done it in five days.  And yeah I wrote these songs at another time for another girl but when I sing it’s for us, I think, it’s you I see in the songs …”

SHINING STARS:  The leads, Amanda LeBlanc and Peter Deiwick, are brilliant … hitting the roles of Guy and Girl note-perfect.  Cameron MacDuffee as Billy provides a wonderful dose of comic relief, presenting a bold stage presence and impeccable timing.

WHY YOU SHOULD SEE THIS:  If being swept up in a warm glove of music and an exciting new love just ain’t enough for you … you need to see this show at Neptune for the ultimate theatrical kitchen party.  Arrive early!  Because the cast take the stage about 15 minutes before showtime and start jamming on the Irish folk tunes, and the onstage bar is open.  That’s right, even on the rainy Halifax night on which I attended, the audience is invited to trot up to the stage in their street shoes for a bevvy and to clap, dance, and sing along to the pre-show entertainment.  And if you miss the opportunity before the play begins, you’ll have another shot at grabbing an onstage drink during the intermission.

Photo by Timothy Richard