Isn’t it weird when you discover that your ‘little’ has a life of their own, separate from you?

This past weekend Charlie went to her very 1st birthday party outside of friends and family. It was her little friend, Olivia’s 2nd birthday…Olivia is one of Charlie’s classmates at daycare. 

On the drive To the party, Charlie was ‘schooling me’ on who would be there and what they would be doing, singing, eating, playing….Once we arrived, Charlie lead me around the room by hand,  introducing me to her friends as ‘her friend, Mommy’. (AwwwWWWWW) To see her interact with these kids I’ve never met before was wild!

Later, as her and I were playing Lego on the floor, her little friend, Bear came over to join us; “Oh, hey Bear” she casually says as she continued to play…”That’s Bear, Ma”.

This amazing little girl never ceases to amaze me. I grow more proud of her every single day and absolutely adore watching her grow into the incredible, considerate, polite and sometimes very pushy (LOL) little person she’s becoming.

PS – Thanks for the invite Olivia…This ‘first’ wouldn’t have been possible without it <3