Let me start by ASSURING you that being a Mom (Especially to Charlie) is the BEST thing that’s ever happened to me. I know people say this all the time about their kids, but Charlie can LITERALLY light up a room just by being in it. She is funny, kind, and SO SMART! My life has been 100% better with her in it.

That said, OF COURSE THERE’S THINGS I MISS FROM MY PRE-MOM LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charlie and I do a lot of sleepovers on the weekends…Ya know, so Mommy can have her wine ;) This past weekend we went to my friend’s brand new condo. O M G ! It is STUNNING! There’s an entire wall of windows overlooking the basin, beautiful stainless appliances, gorgeous hardwood floors and NOT ONE SINGLE TOY IN SIGHT! Well, actually, there was ONE dog toy LOL

I don’t mind the early mornings or sleepless nights. I’m used to ‘shared bathroom time’ and I even like most of her kid shows. The thing I miss most from my life before ‘Momming’ is my clean and tidy apartments. I LONG for them. I keep things as tidy as I can but let’s be real; my house is overrun with Paw Patrol and Stuffies.  There’s always something sticky somewhere and the playdough….OHHHHHH the playdough. It’s EVERYWHERE!!

That's cool though...One day I’ll be able to crash at her beautiful new apartment:)