OK, so I don’t have  THAT much TV time, but when I do…Charlie is VERY accommodating!

We always agree on movies, simply because I’m a big kid who LOVES Disney and Pixar but when it comes to TV shows, we play fair! I’ll watch a couple Doc McStuffins, she’ll watch a couple Gilmore Girls. In fact, she LOVES GG. She’s ‘Kept Up With The Kardashians’, struggled with who A is on ‘PLL’ and even gets a kick outta ‘Snooki & JWoww’….Don’t worry, she’s never seen any of ‘Jersey Shore’. (And don’t judge my taste in TV…Again…I’m big kid!)

I was always led to believe that once Charlie came, it’d be all ‘Caillou’ and ‘Teletubbies’….Thankfully we were never burdened with either of those shows.

Maybe at this point you’re thinking, “Charlie is too young for TV, kids under the age of (Insert whatever age you like here) shouldn’t even be watching TV”. I beg to differ.

We read to Charlie ALL THE TIME! She LOVES books, she loves playdo, she loves blocks and going outside, BUT she loves TV too. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting Charlie, you’d know that she is way ahead of her milestones…ESPECIALLY when it comes to her vocabulary! It’s actually REALLY impressive. Am I saying that TV has been educational for her? No, but it CERTAINLY hasn’t harmed her in anyway.

Charlie is a super busy kid who keeps her father and I super busy too…Any opportunity I get to curl up on a ‘couch bed’ with my mini me to catch up on last week’s Nasville…I’m TAKIN!