#LifeWithCharlie - A Day At Daycare

Well, we DID IT! We made it through Charlie’s first day back at daycare! More specifically, Mama made it through Charlie’s first day back at daycare…WITH DIABETES.

About a year/year and a half ago, she went to this same daycare and it was VERY important to me that she go BACK there! I ADORE the teachers, they ADORE Charlie AND Charlie already knows most of the kids!

Rather than ME telling you about her day, I put together a little Q&A so SHE could tell you about her day:

1. What activity did you do today that was really fun?

“Went outside”

2. Who/What made you really happy today?

“Charlotte. I did push her down sometimes though”

3. Which book did the teacher read today? Was it interesting?

“Something about, being nice and sharing” (It was actually a Thanksgiving book)

4. Was there anyone who was upset today?

“No” (BS Hahaha)

5. Was there anyone smiling a lot in class today?


6. What was for lunch today? Was there anything you didn’t like?

“Pizza!!! And hummus too! I loved it all so much”

7. Did you learn any new songs in class today?

“Yeah. It’s like the rain with the spider one but food” (Huh?)

8. Who/What made you unhappy today?

“The rain because we couldn’t go on the playground”

9. Did any of your friends draw something really cool?

“Charlotte drew a heart and someone else with no name drew apple trees”

10. Can you teach me something you learned at school?

“Be nice, don’t push” (Refer back to #2)

11. Did you help a child in your class with something they needed?

“I helped a kid with her garden”

12. Did someone help you with anything?

“Amelia helped me put my shoes on” (Thanks, Amelia)

13. What was the most difficult thing you did today?

“NOTHING! And checking my blood was the FUNNEST” (My HEART!)

14. Were you proud of yourself today?

“YES And I hugged Charlotte” (Phew)

15. What was your favorite thing to do today?

“The dinosaur box!!”

16. Do you think something exciting will happen at school tomorrow?

“Yes! Maybe there will be some LOL dolls” (Don’t get your hopes up, kid haha)