#LifeWithCharlie - A T1 Buddy

Another Christmas come and gone.

While our Holidays were super crazy busy, we also found a decent amount of down time. My FAVORITE part of the Holiday, if I'm honest.

Santa was VERY good to our Charlie this year. She got her Barbie Ambulance, Baby Alive and Fureal bunny and Baby Stella (her BFF) got Diabetes.

See, leading up to the holidays, which are a lot harder for T1D's with all the treats and snacks everywhere, we thought maybe we'd better keep an eye on Stella's sugars too.

Santa, who is always watching, payed close attention to these checks and saw how it gave Charlie a REAL connection to her 'forever friend' and decided that Stella needed her own care kit.

So, while Stella getting T1D isn't much of a 'gift', the new bond between her and Charlie truly is.