#LifeWithCharlie - Awards Night!

The iHeartRadio Music awards were on Sunday night, so I recorded it for Charlie to watch last night. These are just a few of the things she had to say:

Cardi B - "Did you have your picture taken with her, Mommy?"

Charlie Puth - "Is SHE just a kid?" (Me - He's a he, sweetie) "Oh. Well does he have a Mommy and Daddy?"

Bebe Rexa - "Look At Rihanna, Mommy!"

Camila Cabello - "Who sings the 'never be the same' song?" (Me - Camila Cabello) "No, she sings Havana, she can't sing both"

"Where's Bruno Mars? When does he sing?"

(Me - What was your favorite part of the show?) "Oh nanana"