#LifeWithCharlie - Baby Bear Does The Dentist

This, my friends, is STRAIGHT UP a ‘brag-blog’.

Well, OK, I’m not really bragging, I’m just so proud and I wanted to share with you.

Yesterday I took my Charlie to the dentist for the very first time and she did AMAZING! Like, I knew she would be happy to meet the folks at the dentistry but I had no clue how well she would sit with someone jammin’ their fingers in her mouth.

She immediately sat in the big ‘magic' chair, put her ‘goggles’ on and said “ahhhhhhhhh”. The hygienist was AWESOME too. She showed Charlie all the tools and explained everything to her so she knew EXACTLY what would be coming next. She even let Charlie give ‘Wally, The Walrus’ a check up when she was done.

After Charlie picked her toy out of the ‘treasure chest’ for being such a good patient, she looked at all the girls and said, “See you in 6 months, THANKS”.

My heart can only take so much of this kid. She’s just so damn SWEET!