#LifeWithCharlie - Charlie's Angels

Sunday June 3rd, #Team100 - 'Charlie's Angels' are hittin' Dewolfe Park for 'THE SUN LIFE WALK TO CURE DIABETES' and we would LOVE to have your support!

Soon after Charlie was diagnosed with T1D, we reached out to JDRF and just like THAT, Charlie was the newest 'Youth Ambassador' for the foundation. I mean, of course she was...Have you MET her? LOL

I have been involved with several 'non-profits' throughout my career in radio but never really understood where the money was going and how it helped. I mean, that could very well be because I wasn't personally connected to the cause, but either way, this foundation means BUSINESS.

Did you know that there are currently 55 DIFFERENT treatments at the clinical stage RIGHT NOW?! One of them, that I find particularly intriguing is something called a ' beta cell encapsulation device'. It's like a little tea bag that you insert just under the skin, that acts like a pancreas SHOULD for 2 years at a time! 

With YOUR help, in the very near future, our baby girl, Charlie (as well as THOUSANDS of others living with T1D) will live diabetes FREE for TWO YEARS at a time! Do you have any IDEA how incredibly LIFE CHANGING that will be!!??

The JDRF has truly given, and continues to give our family the HOPE it needs to get by everyday.

If there is any way you can help, whether it be signing up to walk with our team, registering your own team or simply making a small donation, we will be forever grateful. You can do any/all of it by CLICKING HERE

One Love.